Art, Design & Technology

The Art, Design & Technology Faculty at Kingsdale is made up of a number of creative subjects. In the Art Department we offer GCSE Art, Textiles, Photography and Graphics. In the Design & Technology Department, we offer GCSE Design & Technology (Timber specialism) and GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition. The subjects offered within the Faculty are extremely popular with students and are successful.

All students in Key Stage 3 have a timetabled lesson in Art and two timetabled lessons in Design & Technology. During the Transition Year (Year 9) students have three timetabled lessons per week. Students in Key Stage 4 have the option to take one or more or the subjects within the Art, Design & Technology Faculty to GCSE. At Key Stage 5 students can take A levels in Art, Textiles and Photography.

The Art, Design & Technology Faculty offers a staggeringly wide range of clubs and activities that run before school, during lunch times, after school and frequently on Saturdays and in the school holidays.

Art Scholarships are offered internally in Key Stage 3 & 4, and externally in Key Stage 5.The external Art Scholarship Award is worth approximately £1,000 pa in additional resources and tuition. For all queries applying for a Key Stage 5 Art Scholarship, please contact the Sixth Form Office via email at

For any other information or queries regarding the Art, Design & Technology Faculty please contact Mrs G Howell, Director of Art, Design & Technology at artd&


‘Current pupils in all year groups make rapid progress in humanities, the performing and creative arts, and science’.

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Art Clubs Overview 2021 2022

Art Clubs Overview 2021 2022


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