The Languages Department at Kingsdale Foundation School has expanded greatly over recent years and we are now proud to be one of the few Languages Departments in South London which is able to offer a choice of four languages as part of the curriculum to all pupils entering the school. Pupils now have the option to study French, German, Spanish and Latin at Kingsdale. It is expected that pupils will choose two languages to study when they enter KS3 and will continue with at least one language to GCSE level. French, German and Spanish are also all offered at A Level. 

We continue to be a leading academic department with early exam entries and outstanding results, with an enthusiastic team of language specialists able to offer mother tongue expertise. Community languages are supported and learners achieve outstanding results following specialized exam coaching sessions. 

We are especially pleased to announce our new Gifted and Talented programme for year 8 and year 9 pupils which will be running throughout 2017

New GCSE and A level qualifications are currently being developed for first teaching from September 2016.  The following are links to the Exam Boards we use at GCSE and A-level: (GCSE) (A level)

There are many Internet sites to learn languages on line, but we recommend and in particular. Memrise is free to use and the school has a subscription to Vocab Express for KS4 and pupils will be provided with a username and password. 

For further information about the faculty, please contact Mr Harding, Director of Languages


Looking forward to seeing our Year 8 parents later for our Options Evening.