Spanish is one of our main languages across KS3 and KS4. We use a variety of teaching strategies to help learners acquire Spanish in an environment where the target language is used as much as possible. The department is very well resourced. We use ¡Viva! as our main course book at KS4 and supplement it with a variety of other resources: all our classes are equipped with textbooks, dictionaries, and interactive whiteboards, which enable us to teach interactive lessons with ¡Viva! Active Teach. Lessons are fun and encouraging learners to speak Spanish is one of our main priorities. Homework is particularly important if what has been practised in class is to be remembered over a longer period of time. Homework is set every lesson and consists of either a written task or a learning exercise. A vocabulary list is available for each module to help with homework. Learners who experience problems with their homework are encouraged to go and work with their Spanish teacher, at lunchtime. 



There are many Internet sites to learn Spanish on line, but we recommend, and in particular

Trips are run on a regular basis and have included planned visit to Malaga in 2018.


For further information, please contact Mr Harding, Director of Lanaguages via 

Please find below full details relating to the Spanish curriulum for Years 7 to 13.



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