Mathematics and Economics

Mathematics is an important subject for everyone not just when students  are in school but also applicable in adult life in the wider world .

The Mathematics Faculty consist of a team of positive staff who believe in personalised learning skills. The Department believes in excellence in all areas of Mathematics and the practise embodies our strong belief in working harmoniously and collaboratively to achieve our goals.

The Mathematics Department aims to develop enthusiasm, motivation and enjoyment in Mathematics and its application in the real world. We use a variety of up-to-date teaching methods and resources to engage students and relate their mathematical knowledge to everyday life around them.

We are well resourced and we use ipads in our daily teaching activities. To see the use of ipads in lessons please click HERE



Within the Mathematics Department, we are keen to promote enjoyment and excitement in all aspects of Teaching, Learning and Assessment of Mathematics. Our scholars have the opportunity to participate in various challenges (locally and nationally) such as MENSA, UKMT and  Masterclasses in various universities as well as having trips abroad to further enrich their knowledge and applications in the wider world.


An outline of all the Scholarship/ Gifted and Talented Mathematics activities that students will be participating in can be found HERE.

Mathematics Scholarships are available for new entrants to Year 7 who have already been offered a place at the school.

To find our more information about our Mathematics Scholarship Programme, please click HERE. for our information leaflet.


Key Stage 3 (Years 7 & 8)

We follow an accelerated Programme in Years 7 & 8.  Our Open Day leaflet provides summative information relating to Teaching, Learning and Assessment of Mathematics at Key Stage 3.

The curriculum covers all areas of Mathematics. These include: Mathematical Processes and Applications; Number and Algebra; Geometry and Measure; Statistics.



Regular assessments take place to monitor progress and to allow students the opportunity to move to a group that is better suited to their needs. The Department has access to a variety of online resources such as Kerboodle, Doodlelearn, Mymaths, Mathswatchvle and Showmyhomework.  Students have personalised logins and can use these online learning resources for their independent studies at home.  These resources allow students to access topics & key skills covered in lessons.


A student friendly version of the Scheme of Work for Years 7 and 8  can be accessed by clicking here HERE.

 Equipment Needed at Key Stage 3

All students are required to be fully equipped for all their lessons with the following resources (also available from the school shop):

A geometry set, 30cm ruler, 2 pencils, 2 pens (black/blue ink) and a scientific calculator. All this equipment should be put in a clear plastic case wallet during exams.


Key Stage 4 (Years 9, 10 & 11)

At Key Stage 4, all students study the AQA GCSE Scheme of Work. This year, Year 11 students will sit the new specification for the very first time. Students study either the Foundation or Higher Schemes of Work. Students will be assessed on three papers lasting 1hr 30 mins each. Paper 1 is Non Calculator; Papers 2 &3 are calculator Papers.   


To see the AQA GCSE specification, please click HERE

Students who may be working at the borderline between different GCSE grades have access to a variety of support programmes such as revision lessons after school on Wednesdays, Saturday school (10am-12noon), focus groups work with external agencies, as well as participating in a 5 day residential trip.  All these support programmes are effectively monitored and managed to ensure that students are making the expected progress.For further information on KS4 Open Days click here.


Key Stage 5 (Years 12 & 13)

At Key Stage 5, the department offers both A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics, along with A Level Economics.

A-Level Mathematics provides students with well a grounded foundation in both the skills and techniques that are often utilised in the wider world. Students are required to have a minimum GCSE Grade 7/8 to be considered for acceptance on to an AS Mathematics Course.

In order to gain a deeper insight into the courses on offer, please click here for the A Level Student Handbook and a compact Further Mathematics Scheme of Work.



Students are nurtured to have a deeper sense of  logical and reasoning skills at this stage and this empowers them to be widely respected by their peers in other disciplines of studies. 

In order to become familiar with some of the current national changes affecting Mathematics at Key Stage 5 and for specific details of the changes to the Advanced Subsidiary and A Level courses please click this link.

We also offer Scholarships to students who demonstrated high levels of aptitude in Mathematics, who also serve as ambassadors within the faculty and the school.

For further details of our Key Stage 5 scholarship process please CLICK HERE.



Students are expected to complete minimum two pieces of work  which are recorded on Showmyhomework.

Students are encouraged to spend quality practising/ consolidating concepts and skills taught in lessons. At the end of a topic, students will complete a short topic test in order to see whether the concepts are fully secured or whether they have to be revisited. 

Students also have the opportunity to extend their know knowledge and skills through extended homework/ problem solving tasks.

ShowMyHomework is also used as a medium for communicating with parents of any activities or events taking place within the department.

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