The Art Department Vision

‘To enrich the quality of experiences, by providing an experimental, contemporary curriculum, that stimulates, inspires, excited and challenges pupils, and generates future passionate and ambitious innovators and new thinkers.’

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KS3 Art Gallery Click Here

Year 7

  • 'Drawing workshop'

  • ‘Colour workshop’ 

  • ‘Print making workshop’ 

Year 8

  • ‘Drawing workshop (advanced)’ 

  • ‘3D workshop’

  • 'Mixed Media Workshop


KS4 Art, Photography and Textiles Gallery Click Here


GCSE Art & Design Year 9 Art

•‘Discovery Workshops’
•‘Discovery 2’

 Year 10 Art

•‘Year ’10 Coursework (2 Themes)’
•‘Year 10/11 Final Coursework (2 Themes)’
•Museum/ gallery visit


Year 11 Art

•‘Year’ 11 Final Coursework (2 Themes)’
•External Set Assignment (unit 2)
•Art Exhibition


Key Stage 5 Art, Photography and Textiles Gallery Click Here


Year 12 Art

•‘Construct/ Deconstruct ’ (Portfolio) 
•‘Construct/ Deconstruct ’ 2 - (Portfolio) Mock Exam
•Overseas visit
•External Set Assignment preparation 
•External Set Assignment 10 hours
•Art Exhibition

 Year 13 Art 

•‘Boundaries or Order/Disorder’ (Personal Investigation) 

•External Set Assignment preparation 

•External Set Assignment 15 hours

•Art Exhibition 





The Art Department consists of seven members of staff and we offer a wide range of different specialisms, as well as a broad range of skills to teach the varying needs of our diverse students.

Key Stage 3: In Year 7 and 8, we work on units that last a term and are based on QCA guidelines. Lessons are one hour a week. All classes follow the same unit each term, however, individual teachers plan and resource the unit according to the needs of the group and this also allows us to provide for the more gifted students, that is, offer ‘fast track/ extension’ activities.

Key Stage 4: In Year 9, 10 and 11 we offer three areas of specialism: Fine Art, Textiles and Photography. The examining board that we use is AQA. The GCSE consists of 60% coursework (all work completed over the course) and 40% Externally Set Assignment (ten hour test). Students are given at least eight school weeks, after receiving the theme for the examination, to prepare for the Externally Set Assignment. Students are required to complete a ‘portfolio’ of work over the Key Stage, produce several annotated sketchbooks and a range of final pieces.



Key Stage 5: In Year 12 and 13 we offer three areas of specialism: Fine Art, Textiles and Photography. The examining board that we use is AQA. The AS and A Level consists of 60% coursework and 40% Externally Set Assignment. Students are encouraged to work much more independently in Key Stage 5.

Homework: KS3 students are expected to spend a minimum of one hour every other week working in their sketchbook to support their class work, as well as carry out independent research by visiting exhibitions, libraries or using the internet to learn more about individual artists, art movement or techniques. Students who aim to excel would spend more time on planning, exploring, experimenting and developing their work. KS4 students should spend at least 1 hour a week on their homework, and KS5 students should spend at least 5 hours a week working independently.





Sketchbooks: We issue sketchbooks to all students in all key stages, and encourage them to maintain the habit of using them appropriately. Many have already developed this habit from primary school. Sketchbooks are used for:

Recording, exploring and storing visual information.

Working out ideas, plans, proposals and designs.
Looking back and reflecting on their own work, reviewing, evaluating and

identifying their progress. Recording of their learning and achievement, which they can use to develop further ideas, skills and understanding.We also encourage students to use their sketchbook in a range of approaches that include: Keeping a visual record of their observations from firsthand/primary sources, such as, natural forms, buildings, manmade objects etc.

Recording personal responses to their experiences, environment, communicating ideas, feelings and interests.
Explore possibilities from their own imagination.
Analysing methods and techniques.

Making written notes about artists, art movements, cultures and the visual elements.

Extra Curricular Art Activities: All students have the opportunity to attend Breakfast Club, Lunch Clubs and After School Clubs. KS4 and 5 students also have the opportunity to attend Saturday classes.

Galleries and Artists: We have links with our local galleries: Dulwich Picture Gallery and The South London Gallery. We also make use of numerous London galleries and museums and work with professional artists. We also offer the opportunity to our KS4 and 5 students to visit galleries and museums during their studies. We also offer an overseas visit to our KS5 students.




Art Scholarships: Our year 7 - 11 Art Scholarships are internal. Our KS5 scholarship programme is external.Students can gain a scholarship in Art, Textiles or Photography. Our Art scholars and Art Gifted and Talented students have the opportunity to take part in a range of activities. These often take place during term time. Our students have participated in drawing classes organised by the Courtauld Institute, the Design Museum and the Dulwich Picture Gallery. We also offer the opportunity to our Art Scholars to visit galleries and museums.

Arts Award: We offer Arts Award to KS3 students who are interested in the Arts. We currently run the bronze and silver awards in our after school club. Within the Arts Award students take part in a range of workshops and activities. They also go on a gallery visit to enhance their appreciation and understanding of Art. Students who achieve the Gold Award will gain 16 UCAS points. 


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