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In the department you will find all sorts of activities taking place. Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 are taught and in addition there are lunchtime clubs, after school activities and multiple extra curricular activities. Kingsdale's new school of music is located in a new purpose built state of the art facility.


Opened in 2008 by the internationally well known saxophonist Courtney Pine,  this new facility is home to four classrooms, a rehearsal room and recording space, practice rooms and a Steel Pan and African Drumming room. In addition to this there is a purpose built recording studio and a full Apple Mac network of computers that allows recording to take place in almost every space of the block. This is a Music Department full of energy and enthusiasm, aiming to see students reach their full potential whilst enjoying their music in a fantastic first class environment.



Year 9 & 10 – AQA GCSE Drama (new specification)


In Year 9 students will be exploring the three components listed below and taught the required skills to be successful in all areas.  At Year 10 students will be expected to complete Component 2 and then start the preparation for Component 1.  Component 1 & 3 will take place in Year 11.


Component 1-Written Examination – 40%

Section A: Multiple choice questions focused on production.

Section B: Questions on a given extract from a set play. 

Section C: Question on the work of theatre makers in a single live theatre production.

Component 2 – Devising – 40%

Section A - Process of creating devised drama and performance of devised drama (students may contribute as performer or designer) 

Section B - Analysis and evaluation of own work in the form of a log book. 


Component 3 – Performing Scripted plays – 20%

Assessment Each student must choose one specialism only for all the Texts in practice content. 

This specialism can be either:

A performer or

A lighting designer or

A sound designer

All students must learn how to contribute to text-based drama in a live theatre context for an audience.  Students must also draw on and demonstrate a practical understanding of the subject content.

They must develop their ability to:


*Interpret texts

*Create and communicate meaning

*Realise artistic intention in text-based drama.

For assessment, students must perform or create realised designs for two extracts from one play which contrasts to the set play studied in Component 1.

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Year 11 – AQA GCSE Drama (old specification)


This is the last year of the AQA GCSE Drama old specification.  Having already completed 50% of Unit 2 students will be focusing on their final performance examination and then preparing for their Unit 1 written examination. 

Unit 1 – Written Examination (40%)

The examination is based upon the practical   work undertaken by students over the course of study. 

The 90 minute exam involves students answering Section A and either section B or C:

A – Practical work completed during the course

B – Study and performance of a scripted play

C – Study of a live theatre production seen

Unit 2 – Practical Examination (60%)

Create and perform a published play and devise your own performance (based upon a theme). 

Assessment is built around two distinct areas:

  • Process and understanding of skills development (15%)
  • Final Performance (45%)

Alternatively, students can support a performance through the design of costume, set, lighting, sound or props.


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Tutor Time

Monday P1

Theory (11-13)

Tuesday P5

Theory Year 7

Saxophone Ensemble PH

Wednesday P1

Theory Years 9-10

Thursday P5

Theory Year 8

Chamber Music in MS1

Harp Quartet in PH

Theory ‘A’ Level students

Friday P6

Senior Steel Band in SDR

Junior Guitar Ensemble in GR

Theory for Year 11



Lunchtime Activities


Senior Brass Ensemble in PH

Chamber Choir in MS1

Junior Jazz Ensemble in SDR


Clarinet Ensemble in MS1

Junior Brass Ensemble in PH

Keyboard Club in MS2


Musical Theatre Choir PH

Senior Flute Ensemble in WR

Senior Guitar Ensemble in GR

Cello Ensemble in SDR

Chamber Music in MS1


Senior African Drumming PH

Junior Flute Ensemble in WR

Electric Guitar Ensemble SDR

String Ensemble (Year 7 & 8) in MS1


Junior Guitar Ensemble in GR

Senior Steel Band in SDR

Folk Band in MS4

Chamber Music in MS1


After School Activities


Jazz Band

Music Technology KS4


Junior Percussion Ensemble PH

Year 11 Composition

Senior Steel Band SDR



Pupil Bands


Year 11-13 Composition

Pupil Bands

Senior Jazz Ensemble in PH


Senior Percussion Ensemble in PH

Year 11 GCSE Revision

Music Department Staff

Mary Graham Director of Performing Arts

Assistant Head Teacher

S Mielniczuk Head of Music

R Wassal 2 l/c Music

J Jones Teacher of Music & Head of Year 12

K Wallis Teacher of Music

S Thomas Teacher in charge of Music Technology & KS5

O Williams Teacher of Music & KS5 Music Teacher


Instrumental & Singing Teachers

B Graham Woodwind, Jazz Band

G Lochrane Woodwind, Junior & Senior Flutes

A Cawley Woodwind, Clarinet Ensemble &

Saxophone Ensemble

S Grint Oboe

P Sharp Brass, Senior Brass Ensemble & Wind Band

H Brown Brass & Senior Brass Ensemble

D Howell Trumpets & Junior Brass Ensemble

R Ashton French Horn

P Graham Strings & Chamber Music

S Watts Jazz Bass

L Melvyn Strings, Orchestra & Chamber Music

K Mackrell Cello & Cello Ensemble

C Somerville Double Bass & Bass Guitar

M Simmonds Drum Kit & Senior Ensemble

N Brito Drum Kit & Senior Ensemble

C Shanahan Piano & Accompanist

A Rozsa Piano

A Glasser Jazz Piano & Jazz Ensemble

T Tonks Guitar & Guitar Ensemble

B Keen Guitar with Voice

G Maguire Bass Guitar

L Burnett Electric Guitar & Electric Guitar Ensemble

H Moodie Singing

S Heard Singing

P Sharp Singing

A Mountford Singing

J Stirman Musical Theatre Singing

S Byrne Musical Theatre Singing & Choir

S Dyer African Drumming

M Hibbert Steel Band



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