Recovery Curriculum

The pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges and its impact has been experienced by most of us. For our young adults, there has been a sense of loss in routines and opportunities to learn without disruption, to say the least.  At Kingsdale Foundation School, we are committed to engage the learners back into formal education, rebuild the learning culture and catch-up on lost learning, knowledge and skills.

The well-being of our community is at the core of the recovery programme. Please access the draft of the school’s Pastoral Recovery Plan here.

At Kingsdale, our Recovery Curriculum is designed to inspire and engage our students in the love of learning. You may access the draft of the school’s multifaceted approach to the academic recovery plan here.

The school has organised a series of extra recovery and catch-up sessions to build the confidence and academic progress of our students in different subjects. The intervention programme for Year 11 students aims to help students revise the units of study in the GCSE curriculum, focus on exam style questions and build knowledge and skills required for success in various subjects. The intervention is being offered via the blended learning model and will be available to our Year 11 students throughout the course of this academic year. Alongside the limited on-site sessions, the online sessions are available to all students and are being offered through Microsoft Teams. To access the school’s catch-up programme for GCSE students, please check here.

The Curriculum Maps for all subjects have been reviewed and adapted to facilitate the recovery and catch-up of lost learning due to the pandemic, to include the changes to the assessments at GCSE, AS and A Level examination in 2021 and to consolidate the key essential knowledge and skills required for success in the subjects. You may access the refreshed recovery curriculum maps for any particular subject in this section.



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