Key Stage 5 Biology


Course Structure:

  • Edexcel A (SNAB) in Biology is comprised of 8 units 
  • The full Advanced GCE award consists of 4 AS units (Topics 1-4), plus 4 A2 units (Topics 5-8) which make up the other 50 per cent of the Advanced GCE. Students wishing to take the full Advanced GCE must, therefore, complete all 8 topics
  • There are many core practical’s that you will be undertaking as part of your course whilst keeping a lab book with the write ups for this 
  • This is a linear course which will be assessed in its entirety at the end

What will I study?

 Entry Requirements: A in Additional Science or GCSE Biology

 Opportunities for Biology students:

There is a variety of opportunities that will be available to Biology students including taking part in a national and international competition known as the Biology Olympiad, Medical talks from Kings College, going to a residential to a field study centre and many more.

Where will it lead? 

An A2/AS-level in Biology would assist career progress in Forensics, Criminology, Veterinary Science, Medical Sciences, Pharmacology, Medicine, Dentistry, Environmental Sciences, Pharmacology, Radiography, Pharmacy, among many others. 

Links with other courses? 

Chemistry, Mathematics, and Psychology.