Health and Social Care GCSE

What is about?

  •  This course will provide you with knowledge and understanding of what the caring professions are about.
  •  Actively engages you in the processes of health and social care to develop as effective and independent learners
  •  Encourages students to understand aspects of personal development, and the health, social-care and early-years sectors through investigation and evaluation of a range of services and organisations

Year 10 


Health and Social Care 

AQA GCSE (Single Award) 48201


Unit 1: 

Understanding Personal Development and Relationships


External exam 

40% of the total marks 70 marks 1 hour 15 min

Stages of physical growth and intellectual/ social / emotional development.


Question paper is a mixture of short-answer, structured and free-response questions.


Topics Studied include . . . 

  • Human growth and development
  • Factors that affect growth and development
  • Effects of relationships on growth and development
  • Self- concept
  • The effects of life events on personal development


Year 11



Health and Social Care 

AQA GCSE (Single Award) 48202


Unit 2: 

Health, Social Care and Early Years Provision


Controlled Internal Assessment 

60% of the total marks 80 marks 20 hours

Needs of client groups, access and barriers to provision and work roles.

Requires the completion of two tasks that will be internally assessed and externally moderated.

Topics Studied include . . . 

  • Care needs of the major client groups
  • Types of care service
  • Ways of obtaining care services and barriers to access
  • The main jobs in health, social care and early years services
  • The principles of care

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