Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme


'Pupils' time in school is enriched by the wide variety of opportunities they are offered in which they can develop and explore skills that match their aspirations.  The curriculum supports outstanding progress because leaders have built in opportunities for pupils to be successful within and beyond the classroom.' Ofsted 2017


Duke of Edinburgh's Award at Kingsdale Foundation School

Kingsdale Foundation School is proud to be associated with the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Over the past few years, The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme has become progressively more popular at Kingsdale. Open to students aged from 14 years and up, it provides all with an enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding programme, focusing directly on the student’s personal independent development. Students start at the Bronze Award level and then go on to complete their Gold Award in our Sixth Form. The scheme is unique; the student becomes responsible for their own progression rather a competitive experience. With that in mind each student’s programme is centred on abilities and interests chosen by them.

When students undertake The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme they develop transferable skills and attributes to become more rounded, confident adults. The scheme is so highly regarded, that colleges, universities and employers value its significance and the range of skills it can develop, for example:

  • Self-belief & Self-confidence.

  • A sense of identity Initiative.

  • A sense of responsibility.

  • A real awareness of their strengths.

  • The ability to prioritise and use time effectively alongside their school work.

  • The ability to learn from and give to others in the community.

  • Problem solving, presentation and communication skills.

  • Leadership and teamwork skills.

Students from Year 9 upwards can express an interest in joining the scheme and in participating in a range of activities including overnight camping excursions and hikes.

Provision at the school is overseen by Ms Cawrey, who can be contacted by email at info@kingsdale.southwark.sch.uk  


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