Libraries and Literacy

'Pupils are highly self-motivated learners.'

'Pupils' literacy skills are developed well across the curriculum.'

Ofsted 2017


The Lower (Key Stage 3) and Upper School (Key Stages 4 & 5) Libraries offer our students fantastic resources to develop their self study skills and literacy and to become truly independent learners.  All students are inducted into their library in their first weeks at Kingsdale.  There is also a specially adapted reading library based in the Special Educational Needs department which caters for students with specific learning needs, included students who are visually impaired.  All libraries at the school have a range of targeted quality reading and reference material along with access to information and communication technology.

As schools are increasingly required to make provision for highly structured and responsive approaches to young people’s learning and our libraries empower students to access multimodal information sources, enabling students to benefit from subject-specific after-school help, along with access to daily newspapers and multilingual resources. All of this supports our whole-school focus on developing literacy amongst our student cohort even further, as well as a love for reading.  Our catalogue now contains up to 15,000 items for loan across the school, and this will be developed over the next year to provide online access to our collections. Having recently joined the Nestle Box Tops scheme, we gratefully accept tokens from Nestle Cereal packets to purchase even more resources.

Kingsdale is also a 'Reading Connects' school, effectively binding the libraries to leading the school in embedding a reading culture across the curriculum. As part of our commitment under this programme, we now meet with a Parent Steering Group once a month, which has been instrumental in shaping the way we promote and encourage reading in and around school.

Kingsdale Foundation School Libraries have also joined up with the Southwark Book Award Initiative, linking our school with a number of other primary and secondary schools along with Southwark Library Services. This is just the latest phase of the libraries’ development during the National Year of Reading.  The libraries also regularly host author events, show casing new and emerging talent, as well as works from established authors.

See our news section for details of exciting author visits, all of which are advertised in advance in our Parental News Bulletin each week.

All libraries are open each lunchtime for students to complete homework or independent study.  

The Upper School Library is open after school each day for all students until 5.30pm and is also open on Saturdays from 10am until 2pm.

Please access the link below for further information concerning our Literacy focus and the work of our libraries.