Lost Property

Labelling School Items

Parents are reminded of the need to label all items of school uniform/kit belonging to their child/ren.  This should be done using a sewn label or with an indelible pen clearly indicating the student's name on the label of the item.  Each year a number of items are mislaid by students in the course of their everyday studies and the chances of a successful reconciliation are greatly reduced if items are not labelled.

Lost Items

Where students mislay items at school, parents are requested to download and complete the proforma below which should be emailed to lostproperty@kingsdale.southwark.sch.uk We will then endeavour to locate the missing item and contact you should we be able to do so.  Alternatively, enquiries regarding lost property can be directed to the Pupil Support Officer, Mrs B. Bloomfield on 0208 655 9724.

Please be advised that the school can not accept any responsibility for lost items that are not correctly labelled.

Prohibited Items

The following items are not permitted to be brought onto or worn on the school site:

Hooded tops




Unauthorised mobile phones/electronic items

Please also refer to the school's Drugs & Offensive Weapons Policy for further information on specific prohibited items.

Please be reminded that students are not permitted to bring electronic items to school, including mobile phones/iPads, unless these have been duly authorised.  Please click here for more information on the school's current Mobile Phone Use Policy.