Reporting Student Absence or Lateness

Parents are requested to report all student absence as soon as possible on the day of absence.  There are several ways to report your child late or absent to school although many parents find email the most efficient.

Arrangements for Absence Reporting

Absence can be reported by emailing the relevant Pastoral Assistant for your child’s year group as listed below.

Year 7 Absence for the Pastoral Assistant Year 7

Year 8 Absence for the Pastoral Assistant Year 8

Year 9 Absence for the Pastoral Assistant Year 9

Year 10 Absence for the Pastoral Assistant Year 10

Year 11  for the Pastoral Assistant Year 11

Year 12 & 13 Absence year12& for the Pastoral Assistant Year 12 & 13

Alternatively, to report your child late or absent by phone, please contact the school on 0208 670 7575 and select Option 2 from the menu. You will then be able to select the required extension number for the relevant Pastoral Assistant for your child’s year group.

Where a student is absent and the School has not been informed, an information text will be sent from the appropriate Pastoral Assistant to the parent advising them of the absence as part of the First Day Contact protocols.

In the interests of encouraging excellent levels of punctuality, parents are routinely informed of student lateness to school via an automatic email.  Please be advised that this communication will also be sent where a parent has informed the school that their child will be late to school.  At the end of each half-term, summaries of student attendance and punctuality are communicated to parents for their child/ren via their registered email address.