School Uniform

At Kingsdale Foundation School, all students are expected to wear their uniform correctly and with pride.  All Kingsdale Foundation School students are required to wear full school uniform.

The uniform for Key Stage 3 & 4 (Years 7-11) is as follows:

SCHOOL BLAZER Black, of a traditional design with school badge

SKIRT Standard plain black box pleat, elastic waist, school skirt worn at a length no shorter than 8cm above the knee (credit card)

(For those students choosing to wear a school skirt, plain black tights should be worn during the autumn term,(recommended minimum denier of 60), with the option of wearing plain white or black summer socks (ankle socks) during the spring and summer terms)

TROUSERS Plain black standard style school trousers for both girls and boys. (Jeans, chinos, leggings, jeggings or similar are not permitted)


SCHOOL TIE Kingsdale School tie, with house colours as appropriate, worn at a length displaying a minimum of 7 stripes.

BLOUSE/SHIRT White with collar suitable for a tie (tucked-in at all times).

PE KIT Black shorts/joggers, plain red polo shirt (KS3), plain navy blue polo shirt (KS4). (Polo shirts and PE sweatshirts are available from the school shop). Black football / hockey socks, black games skirt optional for girls.

SHOES Plain Black, of a type suitable for school


The uniform for Key Stage 5 (Sixth Form) can be accessed via the link at the bottom of the page.

An outdoor coat of a plain and dark colour. No slogans. Denim is not allowed. 

Most uniform items can be bought in any clothing store. The ties are available from the school at a
cost of £5.00 each and badges £3.00 each.

Baseball caps/hoods must not be worn or carried on school premises. Such caps/ hoods will be confiscated for an indefinite period to be determined by the Head of Upper/Lower School.

Only hairstyles of a moderate design are permitted. The judgement of the Head of Upper/Lower School will be final.

Jewellery – A single small earring/ear stud may be worn. One small pair of earrings at the discretion of the school. Excess jewellery will be confiscated for an indefinite period or must be collected by parent/carer by prior appointment.

Prohibited & Restricted Items

Aerosol sprays (including deodorants), felt-tipped marker and/or colouring sticks and any tools or implements that could be deemed dangerous, including scissors.

Personal stereos, MP4 players, iPods, pagers and electronic games are not allowed at any time on the school site and will be confiscated for an indefinite period or can be collected by parents or carers by prior appointment. Possession of electronic equipment increases the chance of becoming a victim of crime. The school is not obliged to conduct a separate investigation concerning theft of any unauthorised items but will report and support a police investigation.

Only school registered iPads are permitted on the school site.

Mobile phones are only permitted under the terms of the School's Mobile Phone Policy and may be consficated if seen by members of staff on site, during the school day, before and after school.

How to obtain uniform items

Our generic uniform items, e.g. black blazer, black shoes etc., are readily available at most of the larger supermarkets and clothing stores.  Badges and ties can be purchased from the main Reception or purchased via our online school shop (please click here) and collected at Reception.

Whitehall Clothiers are also suppliers of all of the Kingsdale Uniform, including blazers, PE kits, ties and badges etc., at their shop located at 77 Camberwell Road, London, SE5 0EZ, Tel: 0207 703 3604.  Their website can be  located here