Healthy Active Lifestyles


'The school is committed to pupils’ well-being, including in promoting healthy lifestyles. Pupils can select from a range of options in the canteen, including a salad bar that the student council was instrumental in introducing.'  Ofsted 2017

Kingsdale Foundation School understands that mental and social well-being is essential to overall health. Positive mental health allows people to cope effectively with stress and realise and work to their full potential whilst playing a meaningful role in their community.  Research shows that the experiences we have in childhood can have lasting, measurable consequences later in life suggesting that fostering emotional well-being from the earliest stages of life helps provide the foundation for overall health and well-being in later life. 

Social well-being is integral to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the maintenance of which is part of the fabric of everyday life at Kingsdale School. The development of happy, confident young people, within a nurturing environment that promotes the development of positive healthy relationships, is something the school regards highly and works hard to achieve.

Our Healthy Active Lifestyles summary booklet can be downloaded via the link below and provides details of all of the ways we support Healthy and lifestyles among our school community.