Sixth Form Achievement 2017

"This is a highly effective 16 to 19 provision where students make outstanding progress at A level and in the small number of vocational courses offered.'                   Ofsted 2017

Arbi Hasanaj, Usama Rajah and Vishal Ashogun celebrate their excellent A Level grades as they prepare to study medicine at university.


Summer 2017 Examination  News - Outstanding A Level Results!

Champions of High Achievement

In Summer 2017 we achieved our best ever A Level results with some exceptional individual performances including 2 students securing places at Oxford University and 5 going on to study Medicine. 

We believe Kingsdale has the highest individual A Level performer in the country! Jacob Lundie-Fallon achieved an amazing 5 A*s at A Level as well as 15 A*s at GCSE and has accepted a place at Oxford University to do Medicine.

Jacob Lundie-Fallon & Louise Guillaume 8A*s between them at A Level!  Jacob will be stuyding Medicine at Oxford University & Louise will be reading Geology at Imperial College London.

Jacob has said:

“I've been at Kingsdale from year 7 all the way through to year 13 (born and raised), and what I've learnt about the school in that time is how incredibly hard the teachers work and how tremendously deeply all of the staff care.  From the outside that effort and support culminates in outstanding Ofsted reports, but its other manifestations are much more personal and human.  People feel welcome and have a sense of belonging.  People believe that they can achieve and everyone knows that they matter. 

Approximately one third of all grades achieved were A*/A, nearly two thirds were A*-B and over 85% were A*-C. Once again we expect progress made by students at A Level to be in the top 5% in the country. Performance of students in Applied and Technical courses was outstanding with an average grade approaching a Distinction*.

Fabian Thomas celebrates his impressive A*A*A grades as he prepares to study Geography at King's College, London.

50% of Kingsdale graduates have secured places at prestigious Russell Group Universities and another 25% are going to highly esteemed  1994 Group Colleges.

Jacob-Lundie Fallon will be using his outstanding A*A*A*A*A* grades to read Medicine at Oxford University.

Louise Guillaume 's outstanding A*A*A* grades have enabled her to go to Imperial College, London, to read Geology!

Esther Agbolade's excellent grades have allowed her to read Philosophy, Politics & Economics at Oxford University!

Fabian Thomas is delighted to use his impressive A*A*A Level grades to go to King's College London, to study Geography!

Jack Warner's excellent AAAA grades have enabled him to study Politics & International Relations at Bristol University.

Vishal Ashogun, Usama Rajah & Arbi Hasanaj's impressive grades have allowed them to read Medicine at universities including King's College and Nottingham.

George Warner will be reading Biomedical Science at Birmingham University using his AAA grades.

Amunet Boafo will be using her A*/A grades to study Spanish & Japanese at Manchester University.

Niamh Bernard Branton will be using her impressive A*/A grades to study Psychology at Southampton University.

Nina Glover-Southworth's excellent A*AB grades grades have allowed her to study English & History at Birmingham University.

Erin Callaghan will be using his excellent AAB grades to study Biomedical Sciences at Birmingham University.

20 A* & A Grades between them! Louise Guillaume, Esther Agbolade, Amunet Boafo, Usama Rajah, Na’imah Bernard Banton,  Jacob Lundie-Fallon, Arbi Hasanaj,  Ceyda Faik -Yildirim, Erin Callaghan

Further details to follow..... 

Department for Education Performance Tables - 2016 Information

2017 Performance Information will be published once released.

For information regarding the Department for Education published performance of Kingsdale Foundation School, please click here.

Key Stage 5 (Year 13) Performance Information 

Progress Score for A Level Qualifications: +0.36 (Well above National Average and in top 4% of schools nationally)

Average Grade Achieved: B- (Above National and Local Authority Average)

Progress Score for Applied General Qualifications: +0.86 

Average Grade Achieved: DIST*- (Above National and Local Authority Average)

The progress students have made in English: +0.88 (Well above National and Local Authority Average)

The progress students have made in Maths: +0.10 (Well above National and Local Authority Average)

Retention: The proportion of students who continue to the end of the main programme of study): 
We calcuate from internal data this figure to be between 90% & 95% for Academic Students and 95% & 100% for Technical Students
Final figures to be published when national data released in March 2017

Destination Information: 81% (Local Authority Average 84%)

For full details of our 2015-16 academic year examination performance, please click here or select the link below. 

Esther Agbolade

Esther Agbolade

Niamh Bernard Branton & Amunet Boafo

Niamh Bernard Branton & Amunet Boafo

Nina Glover Southworth

Nina Glover Southworth

Amunet Boafo, Niamh Bernard Branton, Josh Ratcliff, Usama Rajah & Ceyda Faik Yildrim

Amunet Boafo, Niamh Bernard Branton, Josh Ratcliff, Usama Rajah & Ceyda Faik Yildrim

Joe Tozer

Joe Tozer

Erin Callaghan

Erin Callaghan


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