Adverse Weather Procedure

Information regarding any special arrangements for adverse weather will appear here.

We will endeavour to inform parents and students as soon as possible should adverse weather conditions require any adjustments to the normal running of the school. Communication will be via the School broadcast text/email system and updates on this website.

Update - Thursday 6th July 2017 

The weather in the next few days is forecast to be hot and humid, with temperatures in the high 20s expected by mid afternoon each day. 

The following special arrangements will apply today and while the hot/warmer weather continues:

1. Students should carry with them to school a bottle of water which can be refilled.  They will be permitted to drink this in class.  Some students have found it useful to freeze their water bottle over night so that it remains cold during the morning sessions.  Sugary drinks are no substitute for water and should not be brought to school.  Students should allow extra time at the end of lunch to refill their water bottles so that they are not late to afternoon classes.

2. Students are not required to bring their blazers to school or wear them around the school site.   They may also loosen their ties and undo their top buttons.  Short sleeve white shirts may be worn. 

3. Students who have PE or who intend to play outside during the lunch break should wear sun cream and ensure they stay in the shade as much as possible.  PE staff will ensure that students undertaking PE receive plenty of fluids.

4. Water will be made available to pupils throughout the day.

5. Fans and cooling devices will be allocated to rooms which have been identified as being warmer.

6. Classes timetabled in rooms which are identified as being warmer may be reroomed to cooler spaces.  

7. Teachers have been briefed to look out for signs of heat exposure and will refer students displaying such symptoms to the Pupil Support Office.  

The forecast for the foreseeable period is for warm weather with occasional rain or cloud.  The BBC weather forecast be accessed here 


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