Champions of High Achievement!

Following the publication of the new style official DfE Peformance Tables for Key Stages 4/5, we are incredibly pleased to announce that Kingsdale ranks at either the top or very near the top for all key attainment and progress measures.

At KS4 we are the top, by some distance, of the Attainment 8 measure – the most substantial all round measure of outcomes ever produced by the DfE. We are equally delighted to declare at Key Stage 5 we are, arguably the best performing school in the local authority.

Our Value Added Score is the highest of any main sixth form provider in Southwark and our average attainment score was only one sub-level below the top performance in the borough. Incredibly, no major weaknesses were identified in the published data set. Congratulations to all concerned!


During these challenging times, we thought you might like to watch this virtual KFS performance with an apt messageā€¦