Pastoral Care


'The school's work to promote pupils' personal development and welfare is outstanding.'  Ofsted 2017

Pastoral Care at Kingsdale Foundation School

At Kingsdale Foundation School, we want our students to be happy and thrive in their experience of secondary education. Our aim is to produce caring, self-disciplined, independent young adults who exhibit a sense of responsibility, embrace inclusivity and have the skills necessary to contribute positively to society. 

Form Tutors play a pivotal role in implementing the highest level of care contributing to the well being of the students. They work as a team with the Heads of learning in ensuring high standards of behaviour and achievement offering support and guidance to students on a daily basis. The pastoral team delivers the PSHCE curriculum to equip students with knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live healthy, safe, productive, fulfilled, capable and responsible lives. 

The school strongly believes in developing resilience and emotional well being of the students. For students going through difficulties, we have a school counsellor to offer support to all students and their families. The mentoring programme is also available to any student who may wish to discuss his/her circumstances and seek guidance. The school also offers the provision of Pastoral Assistants for each Year Group (yr. 7 - 9, yr 10-13) with the primary focus of monitoring attendance and punctuality of students to school on a daily basis.

The school has an established House system for the holistic development of students with a raft of co-curricular opportunities ranging from inter-house activities to fund raising events for House charities. The House system integrates the lower school students with the senior students opening avenues for developing a supportive and nurturing community. 

We believe it is important to praise and acknowledge effort and attainment and give students an incentive to work hard and achieve high. We operate a system of achievement points and closely monitor behavior, attendance, punctuality, progress and attainment which count towards the Awards Assembly for each Year Group every term. The school hosts a prestigious Annual Prize Giving Ceremony for students acknowledging and celebrating their achievements. 

All students are encouraged and empowered to play a positive role in the school community and we are committed to the personal and academic development of all students.


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