Academic Reports & Assessment

Important Notice re Arrangements during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Please be advised that as student learning has now moved online (Virtual School), we are at the current time, keeping to the published schedule for the issuing of Full & Short Reports, as well as Parents' Evening (now online).  There have been some adjustments to the running of the whole year examination sessions, with assessments moving online and becoming class based.  Further details have been issued separately to students and parents.

Assessment, Recording & Reporting Overview

Student attainment and progress data is shared with parents & carers securely through our online portal called Go4Schools.  This service can be accessed via using the contact information provided to the school at enrolment. Please use the link at the bottom of this page for further details on how to login to this service.

A full schedule for parents for academic assessment and reporting key dates can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Full Academic Reports (Teacher comments and latest attainment data)

Students receive one Full Academic Report per academic year, which is usually preceded by their formal examination week. The Full Report is issued one week before the scheduled Parents’ Evening.  The Full Report contains detailed summaries from all of a child’s teachers on their areas of progress and development.

The dates for the issuing of the Full Report, along with the Parents’ Evening for each year group are listed below.

Full Reports are issued online via our parent portal 

Appointments for parents’ evenings are made online from the Thursday before a Parents’ Evening via

More information on these important systems can be located on our school website here.

Short Academic Reports (Latest attainment & effort data only - no comments)

Short Reports Cycle 2020-21

In addition to one Full Academic Report per year, students all receive a number of Short Academic Reports.  These reports are smaller than the full report and contain a summary of key academic information for parents to use to consider their child’s progress.

Short Reports are usually issued termly from the second Autumn Half Term, although not in a term where a student has received their Full Report or undertaken an examination series and received an Examination Report (please see schedule below).

In the first Autumn Half Term, Year 7 students will receive a ‘Snapshot Report’ which will contain a one line comment from staff, alongside an effort and organisation grade.  Target grade information will be supplied in this report from the central system for parent reference.

The first Short Report received by parents will be issued on Friday 13th December 2020 for Years 7-10.  Please note that no data entry or Short Report is required by this date for Years 11, 12 & 13 due to them receiving a Full & Examination Results Report.  

Technical support and hard copies of the Short Reports can be obtained from Ms Otubu on 02086559727 or via email