Here at Kingsdale Foundation School we take E-Safety very seriously.   We provide robust education and training for staff and students, as well as systematically reviewing our policies and provisions, to ensure our young people understand how to ‘stay safe online’.  We work alongside companies and charities such as: www.360safe.org.uk, www.childnet.com and www.onlinecompass.org.uk, along with many others to make certain we have the latest up to date information and are empowered to make the right decisions for our pupils.

Our E-Safety Policy can be accessed via the link below.

Parenting in the Digital Age

Kingsdale continues to hold Digital Well-being sessions for parents providing extremely useful information and advice on how to keep children safe online. In today’s technological age it is important that we keep abreast of the dangers faced by young children on the internet and on social media.

Safer Internet Week

Every year, Kingsdale celebrates Safer Internet Week with a range of activities designed to help our young people stay safe online. 

Our full programme of activities for 2022 Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 8th February 2022 will be published here shortly.

Should parents have any concerns about their child, or any other child in relation to E-Safety, or any other safeguarding matter, they should contact our E-Safety lead Mr O Fatodu, or our Safeguarding Lead, Ms Matheson via email safeguarding@kingsdale.southwark.sch.uk or telephone 0208 670 7575 who will be more than happy to assist you with your concern or question.

Additional advice can be found on the http://ceop.police.uk/ website (Child, E-Safety and Online Protection)
Below we have gathered together some useful key guides that will enable you to support your child in staying ‘E-Safe’. These guides have been produced by Ofcom, The Internet Watch Committee and Vodafone
A Guide To Digital Parenting
Protecting Your Child In A Digital World
How to Set Up YouTube Safety Mode
How To Set Parental Constraints On Windows
How To Set Parental Constraints On Xbox and Android
How To report online abuse

There is also some incredibly useful information on the safer internet website:http://www.saferinternet.org.uk/

We are currently working with our E-Safety Consultants to provide short online training videos for parents and care carers to assit them in understanding how best to keep their children safe online.
At Kingsdale E-Safety is taught both discretely through other subjects such as PSHE/Citizenship and as a standalone topic in subjects such as Computing, ICT, in tutor time, assemblies and on educational days such as CODE day and Safer Internet Week.

Please follow the links below to key documents relating to E-Safety at Kingsdale Foundation School.